Duration: 45 min.
Premiere: January 20,21, 2022
Composer: Andrius Stakelė

Kaunas City Chamber Theater and Dance Troupe "Nuepiko" present the dance performance "A Fair Distance". 

Space can be breathing room and create release and wellness in these times of dreadful inflation of words. But space may be intolerably screaming if it means the absence of communication, distance from friendship, loved ones and emotional deficit.

It takes two to tangle, with no other whom to blame, who else is there left than yourself. A FAIR DISTANCE explores the interdependency of human nature and one’s own reactions to others by dancing with ropes.

However, more than a linear narrative, A FAIR DISTANCE is an experiment that invites the audience to fill in the story with their own experiences. Using original choreography and musical score, the performance will pose more questions than answers, about what it means to belong and to find the connection.

This performance is part of the Young Producers Education Program "PRODIUSAI COLAB" run by the Kaunas City Chamber Theater together with "Kaunas 2022" and is the winner of the 2021 "Starting point" youth theater festival.


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