Director: Agnius Jankevičius
Duration: 1:30
Premiere: January 27, 2017
  • Socialinis
01-30 Saturday
18:00 h
Director: Agnius Jankevičius
Actors: MC Jurgis Marčėnas, Birutė Belada Tauterytė, Linas von Jurkštas

Sindicate "Bad Rabbits" is a guerilla oposition to theatrical mainstream. Their goal is to convert performance to unexpected phenomenon for audience. "Bad Rabbits" often refers to political and social issues, performing them on a street.

Once upon a time, in an abandoned building members of "Bad Rabbits" found a notebook. On a cover of it there was a note "Samurai book". Exploring the notebook it become clear, that it was a diary of the boy named Tomas Lašas. Parents of the boy were found and meeting with them helped to explain many weird and even absurd things found in the diary. Parents of the boy told, that one day their son braught home a book named "Hagakure. Secret Book of Samurai". Eventually he started to apply the wisdom of the book in his daily life, just in his special way...

Tomas Lašas tried to live his life according to Samurai code. For "Bad Rabbits" it became a trampoline material for contemplation of such questions: what is an identity of a young person in contemporary time, when the conditional comfort and indifference provide satisfying and inert way of European? What happens, when young person starts to struggle for meaning in it's life?

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