Director: Agnius JANKEVIČIUS
Duration: 1:30
Premiere: September 22, 2018
  • Stipru
12-01 Wednesday
18:30 h
Small Hall
Director: Agnius JANKEVIČIUS
Actors: Gabrielė LADYGAITĖ
Vizualinis apipavidalinimas: Total Strangers Ltd
Garsinis apipavidalinimas: Mighty God Records

Visual solutions: Total Strangers Ltd

Sound solutions: Mighty God Records

Once Mari got hit on the head. Then again. And again.

After some time, she understood, that she has a problem, and that problem opened up a secret – she is not like everyone else. Here her journey to the Circle of the Right People began. The journey to that something, what makes their eyes red, they do not get punched into the face, to that something called Feelings.

Author Eleonora Baker was asked to write a pageant based on Albert Camus “The Stranger”, but she took a different approach.   

“Everyone knows who the main character Meursault is, but I dare to ask who is and what happened to his lover Mari, who appears very briefly in the novel. Who is she? Where is she now?”  

Created by: actress Gabrielė Ladygaitė for her role and director Agnius Jankevičius were nominated for the Golden Cross of the Stage award in 2018.

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