Director: Renaldas BARTULIS
Duration: 1:20
Premiere: March 17, 2017
  • Socialinis
Director: Renaldas BARTULIS
Author: Julius KELERAS
Actors: Raimonda KIMBRAITĖ, Vytautas GASILIŪNAS
Composer: Gintaras POVILAVIČIUS
Artist: Renaldas BARTULIS
Photographer: Jonas Jonauskas
Makeup: Petras Petrauskas

"You didn't hear... Many times you didn't hear..."

Psychological drama according to the play by a poet, photographer and playwrite Julius Keleras. 58 dreams is 58 days of woman's isolation after the experiencing a violence. Ir is also 58 days of men's days of trying to bring her back to society, in which he des not believe either. The performance contains issues of misunderstanding, simple bond with yourself and the society, post-traumatic depression, denial of reality.

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