Duration: 60 min
Premiere: August 25,26, 2021
Actors: Povilas JATKEVIČIUS, Paulina SIMUTYTĖ, Dominykas SNARSKIS
Composer: Mantvydas PRANULIS
Scenography: Barbora ŠULNIŪTĖ

S'ANATOMIA is an immersion into M. K. Čiurlionis's painting, involving the present moment, allowing the observer to create the abstractions of his imagination and giving a surreal sense of cosmicity.

It is a 12-part cosmological opera with the musical basis of drone music. The opera was created by the young generation composer Mantvydas Pranulis, who received the M.K. Čiurlionis scholarship for its creation. Responding to the most current musical trends, the composer of S'ANATOMIA aims to combine archaism with innovative musical and philosophical archetypes.

"To me, as a composer, Čiurlionis is probably the closest creator of our nation, both aesthetically and philosophically. The form and soundscape of this performance are based on the paintings of the Čiurlionis cycle "Zodiac" and its close abstractism - both visual and acting decisions give meaning to the Čiurlionis symbolism," says composer Mantvydas Pranulis, the author of the piece.

Responding to the most relevant musical trends, the composer seeks to combine archaism with innovative musical and philosophical archetypes. “S'anatomia is a cosmological opera experienced as a musical performance with two players and a fantastic drummer sitting together on cushions in a tent with only twenty other spectators. The almost hypnotic music is about the big picture, but then, with a simple noise drum full of sand, gentle Baltic Sea waves can be heard for minutes, which audibly transport the cosmos to Lithuania”, - German critic Thomas Irman writes.
This opera continues the creative quest of “Kosmos Theatre” (producer Darius Vizbaras) in creating and developing an original Lithuanian visual theater by basing the theatrical action on non-psychological dramaturgy of character relationships, and by prioritizing music and sound design, developing the concept of audio-visual plotting as an inseparable unit as a basis of the performance.
The creation of the piece is partially covered by Lithuanian Culture Council, the Vasario 16th Foundation and the Čiurlionis Society. The composer of the play, Mantvydas Pranulis, has been nominated for the Golden Stage Cross as one of the most significant works of 2021 for the creation of the experiential contemporary opera "S'anatomia".

Kosmos Theatre & Kaunas City Chamber Theatre co-production.

The show is accessible to the blind and partially sighted.

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