„I Feel You. Hear...?“ Youth Theater Festival "Starting Point"

In September 18-22 Kaunas City Chamber Theater hosted the festival "Starting Point", intended for young theater artists and audiences for the third time. Last year, having analyzed painful problems for young people and trying to figure out what a young man should start to get out of trouble and move forward, this year festival has changed. The festival not only talked about the problems of young people: such as not listening to one another, informational excess, seeking communication, fear to open, but also wanted to say that "you are not alone, we hear you".

"Last year we talked about painful experiences that prevented a young person from moving forward. This year we want not so much to raise the obvious problem as to soothe the viewer and bring him back to true connectivity. The theater is a space in which we hear, see and talk about what does not bring peace to a young person. We can and we want to help to emerge from the illusions of virtual world, hear ourselves and the other"- the theater director Jurga Knyvienė presented the idea of ​​the festival.

The performances of the festival emphasized the challenges of loneliness, pursuit of love and communion, the problems of world of illusions and fear that every young person experiences.

"Slogan „I Feel You. Hear ...?" says that we hear you and you are not alone. Many are experiencing similar situations. Therefore, we want to talk about it. We really hear each other, we feel each other, we just don‘t know how to show it, "said Jurga Knyvienė.

During the festival, there were six premieres presented. One of them, the performance "Mari Kardona" by director Agnius Jankevičius, was released for the first time. After the performances there were held discussions.

September 18, 18:00 PM. "Dance for a vacuum cleaner and dad" (choreographer Greta Grinevičiūtė)
September 19, 18:00 PM. "Seen" N-16 (directed by Andra Kavaliauskaitė)
September 20, 18:00 PM. „Heda Gabler“ (directed by Eglė Švedkauskaitė)
September 21, 18:00 PM.  "Cold Heart" (directed by Valentinas Masalskis)
September 22, 14:00 PM. "I'm afraid" (directed by Rokas Lažaunykas)
September 22, 18:00 PM. „Mari Kardona“ (directed by Agnius Jankevičius)





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