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Dansema | COLOURFUL GAMES (0-3 y.o.)

Game is not just a fun activity for babies and little kids which takes the biggest part of their first year of  life.  While playing, children get to know themselves and the world around them and learn a lot - crawling and sitting, climbing and jumping, taking and dropping, catching and kicking, smiling and frowning, sharing and making friends, thinking and enjoying. Play of dance “Colourful games” is full of unexpected, colourful objects which stimulate little spectators to explore and discover a lot of things about themselves and the environment with the help of dancer.

Milžinas Mažylis
Director: Eglė Kižaitė
Premiere: 2019 m. birželio 15, 16 d.
This is a story in which well known legends and myths about Lithuania come to life. How did Kernavė Castle Hills, Žirnaja lake, Hill of Džiugas and Curonian Spit come into being? We invite children to travel not even in the stage of theater with the mythical hero giant Kernius by creating the map of legendary places in Lithuania, but also by exploring your country later with their parents.

Spektaklis vaikams 7 RATAI | Premjera!
Premiere: 2019 m. rugpjūčio 31 ir rugsėjo 1 d.

This is modern and performative play where creators and spectators act together by traveling among 7 colours, 7 qualities, 7 sounds and 7 rituals. This is a journey through 7 human energy centers, otherwise known as circles. Authentic sounding ancient instrumental and vocal music from various regions of Lithuania is combined with modern dance, animated symbols, where live music of national instruments and multipart songs is accompanied by symbolic, ritual actions.


Director: Gildas ALEKSA
Premiere: October 26, 2018

Father and son story on generational differences and paternal influence on our decisions. How we choose our goals - according to our own ideals or those which are formed by our parents?

Director: Raimonda Kimbraitė

Interaktyvus edukacinis spektaklis

5-8 metų vaikams

Vaikas smalsauja: „Iš kur aš atsiradau?“, o Jūs nedrįstate ar nežinote kaip apie tai kalbėti? Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras siūlo išeitį, palengvinsiančią tėvų ir pedagogų dalią kalbėti šia „nepatogia“ tema. Atveskite vaiką į pažintinės edukacijos spektaklį IŠ KUR AŠ? ir leiskite jam išsiaiškinti visą tiesą apie savo atsiradimą, pasitelkiant teatrinio stebuklo magiją!

Director: Loreta VASKOVA

Based on real stories of teenagers

Are superheroes born or do you can become one? How to be hero to yourself? What authorities to follow? How to become the better version of yourself? How to survive bullying? What is friendship and love? How to not be afraid of dreaming and always be yourself? These and other questions are posed by performance “Superheroes.“


Premjera! MOMO
Director: Gildas ALEKSA
Premiere: 2019 m. gruodžio 10, 11 d.
The inscenisation of Michael Ende’s worldwide famous novel "Momo".
Šokio teatras „Dansema“ I „Miškas“ interaktyvus šokio spektaklis 8–24 mėn. kūdikiams

Miškas – tai paslaptinga vieta, pilna netikėtų susitikimų su pažįstamais ir nepažįstamais augalais ar miško gyventojais, kurie medžių lapų mirgėjimo šviesoje gali virsti keistomis būtybėmis, kviečiančiomis mažylius naujiems nuotykiams ir  atradimams.

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