The "PRODIUSAI COLAB" training program for young performing arts producers, which has no analogues in Lithuania, is a joint initiative of the Kaunas City Chamber Theater and "Kaunas 2022" to train future performing arts producers. The participants of the almost two-year program will learn not only in lectures or creative laboratories, but will also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in reality - through creative practice in the organization of one of the mentors of the program. During the internship, the participants will receive a scholarship or partial funding for the implementation of the project.

2022 was the year of creative practice, when, after the theoretical course program, participants improve by implementing a personal project in mentor organizations. During this year, as many as six personal projects and events created by the participants will be presented to the public, which are also included in the Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 program.

Curriculum mentors:

  • Ana Ablamonova (producer, public institution "Operomania" and the head of the contemporary opera festival New Opera Action);
  • Gintarė Masteikaitė (producer, the head of the Lithuanian Dance Information Center and the organizer of international festivals "ConTempo" and "New Baltic Dance");
  • Darius Vizbaras (producer, the manager of Kosmos Theatre);
  • Rusnė Kregždaitė (producer, the founder and head of the "Laboratory of Art and Science");
  • Goda Giedraitytė (International arts festival "Plartforma" and a producer of the Sheik Dance Theater, chairman of the association "Zuvies akis");
  • Jurga Knyvienė (Head of the Kaunas City Chamber Theatre.)

2020-2022 the following participate in the training:

  • Justina Kecoriūtė (Bachelor of Economics and Politics graduate (ISM University of Management and Economics). Active writer of articles about marketing and travel, producer of performing arts.)
  • Rita Kernagytė (Bachelor of physics and computer science graduate (Lithuanian University of Education). Active data analyst, programmer and performing arts producer.)
  • Gintarė Šmigelskytė (Graduate of MA in Acting (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts). Active actress, dancer and performing arts producer.)
  • Ugnė Užkurėlytė (Bachelor of Marketing graduate (Vilnius College). Active communication specialist, project manager and performing arts producer.)
  • Ugnė Žukauskaitė (Graduate of Master's studies in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (Kaunas University of Technology). Active photographer, event coordinator and performing arts producer.)
  • Martyna Žukaitė (Graduate of creative communication bachelor's studies (Vilnius University). Active music creator, event coordinator, project manager and performing arts producer.)
  • Vasara Visockaitė (Graduate of BA in Marketing and Creative Advertising (London South Bank University). Active dancer, choreographer and performing arts producer.)

Project with:

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