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KAUNAS CITY CHAMBER THEATRE (KCCT) is a municipal theatre, which produces and presents a wide range of performative art trends and performs cultural and creative education. KCCT also works as a performing arts center, incubator, and hub, which provides a venue for independent companies, co-produces with NGO theatres, and maintains the development of actual social theatre methods and trends.

KCCT, as a member of Assitej Lithuania, has a mission to be a platform for young professionals to work, create and meet their audience. This obligates theatre to provide a wide range of performances – from interdisciplinary, innovative, visual theatre to post-drama and immersive ritual and dance performances. The newest approaches to social problems and human rights in KCCT productions provoke open discussions between the audience and creators.

KCCT annually holds a Youth Theatre Festival „Starting Point“ (iseitiestaskas.lt), where the newest works of young artists for young audiences are presented, as well as workshops for young professionals and city youth. Together with European Capital of Culture „Kaunas2022”, KCCT develop a young producers program „Prodiusai CoLab“ (prodiuseriuakademija.lt) and a professional theatre integration program for people with disabilities.

Theatre is a member of ASSITEJ association and partner of BALTIC CURRENT network.

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