Director: Darius RABAŠAUSKAS
Duration: 1:50
Premiere: December 8, 2017
Director: Darius RABAŠAUSKAS
Composer: Laurita PELENIŪTĖ
Artist: Laura LUIŠAITYTĖ

Songs author: Gediminas ŽILYS
Sound phon: Tadas DEŠUKAS
Consultant: woodsy Petras DABRIŠIUS

A party with the personificated death, based on Lithuanian mythology and folklore. It's a game-ritual, which brings us back from the existence of Facebook to the nature. It‘s a fascinating combination of ancient ritual and today's casual life, folk and modern humor, spooky impressions grounded with centuries-old mythical experience.

“Death is natural and normal. Everyone will die one day. However, you need to look at death not with the fear but on the joyous, bright side. Death is not the end”, says performance director Darius Rabašauskas.

Folklore researcher, composer of the performance Laurita Peleniūtė draws attention to the importance of relationship with death in the formation of personality: "If everyone knew that our death is always near us, we would learn to live a more meaningful life. Death wouldn‘t be the source of fear but the wisdom that accompanies us“, she says.

This performance is being together. Therefore, the definition of a party is very suitable for it. The party may be different but the main thing for the party is to get people together. "The party with the death should inspire everyone for meaningful work", says director Darius Rabašauskas.

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