Director: Karolina ŽERNYTĖ
Duration: 1:00
Premiere: May 10, 2017
  • Terapijai
  • Pramogai
Director: Karolina ŽERNYTĖ
Artist: Šarūnė PEČIUKONYTĖ

Consultants: Jurga KATAKINAITĖ-JAKUBAUSKIENĖ („Hortus Apertus” – scents), Laura LUKENSKIENĖ („Kadujo” – sutartinės), Elona ILGUVIENĖ (yungistic psychoanalysis), Daiva VAITKEVIČIENĖ (Lithuanian mythology), Jadvyga BALVOČIŪTĖ („Jadvygos žolės” –  herbs), personel of the Manor steam bath of The Open-air Muzeum of Lithuania.

„Skin Laid Bare“ is the theatrical ritual only for 15 women.There are no passive viewers, all they are participants. Theatre of Senses and Kaunas City Chamber Theatre actors invite women to explore their nature through daily and archaic rituals together. It is a kind of sensual women's sauna, where it's good to be yourself among other women. To flow as the river with the endless invisible dark streams, mumble and giggle, to smell your skin pores. The true inner skin that we have grown thick or scarred, but still extremely sensitive, able to listen, soothe, rejoice. The ritual in the cellar of the Kaunas City Chamber Theatre invites to clean up the daily makeup and let yourself to be sensitive, strong and curious - just to be the women.

The Theatre of Senses produces a new form of performances with ordinary spectators and spectators who participates with eyes closed. In this performance, the movement, touch, sound, smell, taste, text, a feeling of atmosphere and interpersonal communication are more sensitive. The "acting" in the theatre of senses gets a new meaning, because the action is aimed not only at the viewer's seeing, but at all her senses. Also, the "stage" does not only mean a specific physical location here - the stage moves from a specific place to the consciousness of each participant. The Theatre of Senses turns the body into a stage and acting is a strong moment in the present. The actor becomes a devoted guide of senses here, so the performance space becomes empathy for everyone - both for sight and blind people.

The initiator and leader of Theatre of Senses director Karolina Žernytė often reffers to Lithuanian mythology and folklore where she finds most proper ways to understand human nature - ourself and the world around us.

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