Director: Agnė DILYTĖ
Duration: 2:00
Premiere: October 5, 2018
  • Pramogai
  • Socialinis
Director: Agnė DILYTĖ
Actors: Raimonda KIMBRAITĖ, Vytautas GASILIŪNAS, Artūras SUŽIEDĖLIS

Social grotesque on issues of toxic relations, addiction, disability to decide etc., which become even more relevant in the world of infinite possibilities.

Thea play "Chelsea Win, or The Potato Jam" by Estonian playwriter Tim Janson was a confirmation for director Agnė Dilytė - problems in Lithuania or Estonia are the same. Together with the set designer Artūras Šimonis, she uses trash style to cook a hodgepodge of the social problems.

You are invited to try it and to tell - is it still tasty?

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