Supergalios | Premjera!

Director: Karolina Žernytė
Duration: 1 h. 30 min.
Premiere: September 28, 2019
12-12 Sunday
17:00 h
Director: Karolina Žernytė
Artist: Šarūnė Pečiukonytė
Choreographer: Mantas Stabačinskas
Playwright: Saulė Norkutė
Illiustrator: Birutė Bikelytė
Coproducers: Theatre of Senses / Pojūčių teatras ir Kauno miesto kamerinis teatras

This is painful biographical conversation with three superwomen: Irma, Ernesta and Aistė. These women will reveal to us- uninteresting people, what does it mean to live without vision, to move in wheelchair, why dancing is easier than walking.

ERNESTA. Superpower- SPIDER-WOMAN. She climbs walls, mountains, likes staircases without elevators. Creates and participates in pantomime performances, tours in Lithuania and abroad. She is always ready to learn new tricks, for example, to fly. Ernesta was born with cerebral palsy and moves with the help of walker.

IRMA. Superpower- NIGHT VISION. Irma creates songs, performs in theater, learns languages and can already speak in five of them. She travels alone in exotic countries such as India or Egypt. Irma makes friends everywhere very fast and attracts attention from others. Irma’s hearing lets her type and read quickly. She was born without vision and uses white cane.

AISTĖ. Woman- transformer. Aistė can develop a speed of 30 km. She can also make fun of even the most frowning person. Aistė is stand-up comedian, has her own social company which creates original jewellery. She moves with the help of wheelchair, but just then when she doesn’t drive her car.

The performance space is adapted for people with reduced mobility.



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