Director: Ramūnas ABUKEVIČIUS
Duration: 1:00
Premiere: May 8, 2016
  • Pramogai
  • Terapijai
Director: Ramūnas ABUKEVIČIUS
Author: Marguerite DURAS
Actors: Edita NICIŪTĖ, Antanas KIŠŪNAS
Costumes: Aldona JANKAUSKIENĖ
Composer: Raimundas EIMONTAS

Production of Marguerite Duras's legendary work "Hiroshima, mon amour" on the theater stage. This is a sensitive story about two people in love and one moment in their lives before its all forgotten. It is an invitation to a conversation about love, which is spoken in the language of the theater. About love. Very real, very spontaneous. Remaining and leaving a mark for life, but not developed further. Interrupted, or rather interrupted by the characters themselves. The process is suspended to keep it alive.

According to director Ramūnas Abukevičius, the play HIROSHIMA, MY LOVE is a work that is also extremely relevant today. Although the author of the play, Marguerite Duras, wrote with the tragedy of Hiroshima in mind at the time, now, according to the director, we are once again living in the presence of a nuclear threat.

Marguerite Duras (actually Marguerite Donnadieu) is a French writer, representative of the "new novel", playwright, screenwriter and film director. Her most famous film scripts are: Hiroshima, my love (director Alain Resnais), Lover (director Jean-Jacques Annaud), Song of India (director Marguerite Duras).

The play contains smoking on the stage.


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