Duration: 1h
Premiere: August 25,26, 2021
Actors: Povilas JATKEVIČIUS, Paulina SIMUTYTĖ, Dominykas SNARSKIS
Composer: Mantvydas PRANULIS
Scenograpfy: Barbora ŠULNIŪTĖ

Modern visual theatre fights the hierarchical priority of literature and seeks to emphasise the visual and musical aspect of theatrical work. 21st Century’s visual theatre re-imagines itself on these grounds and searches for different foundation and creative inspiration than literature or drama.
This opera continues KOSMOS THEATRE’s creative quest of creating and developing original Lithuanian visual theatre, which is based not on psychologised dramaturgical relationships’ peripeties between characters, but on the preference of music and sound design. Thus, the main creative basis of this performance is the concept of soundscape – an inseparable unity of sound and image.
Mantvydas Pranulis, composer of this opera, reacts to the most relevant music trends and seeks to connect archaism with innovative musical-philosophical archetypes. Pranulis received a first ever Čiurlionis scholarship and support of Vasario 16 foundation and Čiurlionis association.

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