Director: Gytis PADEGIMAS
Duration: 2:45
Premiere: February 19, 2016
  • Pramogai
Director: Gytis PADEGIMAS
Author: Marie JONES
Actors: Jonas BARANAUSKAS ir Vytautas GASILIŪNAS
Composer: Raimundas MARTINKĖNAS
Artist: Sergėjus BOCULLO
Choreographer: Indrė PUIŠYTĖ
Lithuanian translation: Vilija GRIGAITYTĖ

The daily life of little Irish village is turned upside down by Hollywood shootings. Local community rituals and virtues are irrelevant for film company - they do not consider to stop shooting, when the whole community prepare for funeral. Still, two young fellows are dreaming about shooting a film themselves.

Two actors and 15 characters on the stage - this performance is categorised as "must see".

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