Director: Raimonda Kimbraitė
Duration: 45 min.
Premiere: September 10, 2019.
04-15 Saturday
12:00 h
Small Hall
Director: Raimonda Kimbraitė
Actors: Vytautas GASILIŪNAS, Eglė Agota MATULYTĖ, Martynas Tomas GUCEVIČIUS

Interactive educational performance

For children 5-8 years old

The child is curious: "Where did I come from?", and you don't dare or don't know how to talk about it? The Kaunas City Chamber Theater offers a solution that makes it easier for parents and educators to talk about this "uncomfortable" topic. Bring your child to the cognitive education performance WHERE AM I FROM? and let him/her find out the whole truth about his/her origin through the magic of theatrical wonder!

Together with the main character Dr. Google and his assistants who know the secrets of the shadows during the play, children learn about the process of their emergence, develop gross and fine motor skills, social, creative and cognitive competencies, develop motivation to get involved in the action. During the discussion with Dr. Google, children express their opinions out loud, ask questions and discover the answer together.

The director of the show, Raimonda Kimbraitė, is convinced that you can talk about everything with children. According to the creator, it is important that they know the exact names of their body parts, realize that the body and all its parts are important, necessary, and respected. He would know the physiological differences between a woman and a man, would be able to name the steps in the birth of a child. Children should know that they are not brought by a stork, find cabbage in the field or buy it at the market. By surrounding the birth of a  child with myths and fairy tales, we encourage them to look for answers in a virtual space, where the content of information is not always suitable for children.

Actor-pedagogue Vytautas Gasiliūnas and actors of the "Budrugana Lietuva" hand shadow theater reveal the "secret" of the birth of children: the stage action created by Eglė Agota Matulytė and Martynas Tomas Gucevičius, the music created by composer Raimundos Eimonts helps to know oneself and empathize with the emotions of others.

A ticket is required for both an adult and a child (regardless of the child's age).


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