Milžinas Mažylis

Director: Eglė Kižaitė
Duration: 45 min.
Premiere: June 15,-16, 2019
Director: Eglė Kižaitė
Actors: Danas KAMARAUSKAS, Karolina Elžbieta MIKOLAJŪNAITĖ, Gabrielius ZAPALSKIS
Konsultuojanti dramaturgė: Monika Baranauskaitė

This is a story in which well known legends and myths about Lithuania come to life. How did Kernavė Castle Hills, Žirnaja lake, Hill of Džiugas and Curonian Spit come into being? We invite children to travel not even in the stage of theater with the mythical hero giant Kernius by creating the map of legendary places in Lithuania, but also by exploring your country later with their parents.
The hero of the play is giant Kernius, who’s name actually means “little one”, lives with his parents in Kernavė, but he is bored here. He goes on a trip towards the sea and visits the whole Lithuania. The story begins in a completely flat country of Lithuania, and the Wind Theater will tell you how the hills and lakes emerged. We invite to create the mythical world of Lithuania together.
The play is for kids from age of 5 and their parents.
A ticket is required for both a child and a parent (regardless of the age of the child).

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